Easy Clean Care


  • Usefull 95%
  • Care 98%
  • Clean 97%

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1. Easy clean care wipes gives you peace of mind due to its dual effectiveness formula.

2. Easy clean care wipes defeating germs through its advance combination between PCMX and Pine Oil formula.

3. Easy clean care wipes provides full protection for all family members.

4. Easy clean care wipes suitable for usage on the skin and all surfaces.

5. Sizes available: 8, 20 & 40 wipes.


Liquid Solution

1. Easy clean care solution is the most powerful antimicrobial reagent.

2. Easy clean care solution acts by dual action through 2 very potent antiseptics which are 100% natural Pine Oil & the PCMX (Para Chloro Meta Xylinol).

3. Easy clean care solution kills 99.99% of all microbes not only bacteria.

4. Easy clean care solution available in: 250ml and 500ml.