Easy was established in 1999 by Dr. Asser Salama with one brand being the Easy Sweet Bars 100% natural hair removal product.

In 2003, Easy Sweet became the market leader in the natural hair removal category in Egypt.

In 2004, Easy introduced the Easy Care wipes products which gained market leadership in a short period.

In 2005, Easy Sweet became the market leader in the whole hair removal category.

In 2007 easy started production of mosquito repellents as the first producer in Egypt.

In 2009, easy introduced the Clean Care antiseptic line of products which is the fastest growing category in the company .

In 2015, Mega for trading and distribution (Easy Group Subsidiary) has been established to handle all logistics & way-to-market management for easy & others. In 2015 Brand Dialogue has been established to handle TM, BTL, Social Media, designs & communication tools for consumers & customers. 

In 2015 Modern Egypt has been established to handle all regional export & import business for easy & others.
In 2016 We have been framed our success, we get so close to the vision as we started by exceeding the target, investing more and more in our core competencies and having self-fulfillment to our customers by expanding our products. We have launched Easy baby sensitive wipes for sensitive skin to clean and protect baby sensitive skin from napkin rashes, also we launched Easy Wax a hair removal wax strips in new formula and design.

We became one of the leading companies in the field of non-food FMCG by having market leadership  in Hair removal Market in Egypt with a market share of 75.5%, market Leader in Wet Wipes Market in Egypt with a market share of 68.6 %.Our total Number of employees is 500 in different areas of expertise (Physicians, pharmacists, scientists, engineers, accountants, technicians, and skilled labor).

We have one of the best distribution teams in Egypt, along with market and consumer driven company also our production facilities are well equipped with great systems and empowered team.